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Welcome to the Mandriva Linux Users Club Page!

Are you a happy Mandriva Linux user who would like to directly support your favorite distribution while also receiving special membership privileges?

Would you like to get more related products and services?
Then the Mandriva Club is just for you!

In November 2001, Mandriva introduced Mandriva Club -- a new concept in offering special services and benefits to Club Members.

Over the past three years and a half, Mandriva has developed a wide selection of great benefits
and services for Club Members, including:

Free Downloads

  1. Early and privileged access is provided, before public
    release, to ISO images of the latest Mandriva Linux, using the fast BitTorrent technology.

  2. Silver Members and above may download the first six ISO imagesor the full DVD from the latest PowerPack and MandrivaMove along with its numerous proprietary drivers andplugins (i586) and the 4 CDs of the AMD64 edition

  3. Standard Members and above can access the previous PowerPack release and the latest Download edition in advance. And special ISOs of the Community club only edition.

  4. All Members (Standard and above) have a full access to commercial applications which are normally only available in
    retail packs. Over 130 high-quality packages built & tested for Mandriva Linux can be installed with a single mouse click. Applications include easy-to-use web browser plugins, Java RPMs (JRE and JDK), powerful commercial applications and demo versions, software drivers, updated ATI and NVidia drivers, and lots more.

  5. A special download mirror list is exclusively available to Club Members.

  6. A huge database of all the software packages currently available for the Mandriva Linux distributions is accessible. Thousands of RPM packages -- over 100GBs of software (and still growing) -- are now available for all versions of Mandriva Linux

  7. New versions of flagship software such as KDE, OpenOffice, Mozilla and more are available in advance to Club Members.

Knowledge Access

  1. Multilingual discussion forums and multilingual articles.

  2. Full access to Mandriva's e-learning platform which provides comprehensive courses about Linux and Open Source software, plus quizzes to
    validate your knowledge.

  3. Early access to Mandriva Linux manuals and technical documentation through a unique online system that collects users' & developers' comments & suggestions to ensure the best possible level of expertise.

  4. Full access to the Mandriva Club Knowledge Base. Every Member may contribute.

Other Benefits

  1. Special discounts for Mandriva Store products and services are available.

  2. Special discounts on third-party products and services are offered. Past promotions have included TransGaming Kohan games, Hancom Office, Yopy, Win4Lin, and many others.

  3. Club Members can request and vote for new software packages with the volunteer-run RPM voting system. Hundreds of great applications are available for the PC and PPC versions of Mandriva Linux.

  4. Direct-trading for Mandriva stock can be done online, Real-time trading information is provided

This impressive array of benefits and services makes the Club a great value for all Mandriva Linux users.

To view a complete list of Mandriva Club benefits, please visit the Mandriva Club
FAQ at www.mandrivaclub.com.

How are Membership fees used?

  • Membership fees are primarily used to directly fund the development of the Mandriva Linux distribution and related services. Membership fees also pay the salaries of employees who often contribute directly or indirectly to "external" Free Software projects such as the Linux kernel, KDE, GNOME, Prelude, and others

  • Fees are also used for the development of community websites such as Mandriva Linux.com, Mandriva Club.com and the development
    of Internet services specifically for the benefit of Club Members

And don't forget: In addition to the many benefits of Club membership, you will be helping to ensure the continued development of the Mandriva Linux distribution. The more successful the Club becomes, the better that Mandriva can serve YOU the user.

Choose the monthly payment or annual payment

Join the Mandriva Linux Users Club now by choosing a level of Membership (yearly payment):

Notes about yearly payment:
  • The "Standard" level is ideal for Students and low-resource users. For all others, we recommend Silver membership and above.
  • Credit Card, Wired transfer are accepted as well as check for US and Canada
  • Confirmation implies acceptance of the sale's conditions

Monthly payment
Join the Mandriva Linux Users Club now by choosing a level of Membership (monthly payment):

Notes about monthly payment:
  • Monthly payment is only available with Credit Card payments
  • The Mandriva Club monthly payment contract is created for a minimum of one year.
  • Confirmation implies acceptance of the sale's conditions

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